Ten Questions

Ten Questions You Should Ask Before You Admit Your Loved One Into Any Skilled Or Assisted Living Facility.

1. What is your daily staffing ratio caregiver to resident?
2. How many UTI’s or “Urinary tract infection” did your facility have in the last year?
3. How many bed sores, if any, did your facility have in the last year?
4. How many meals does your facility serve each day? What times are they served and do you buy food locally to support your community or do you buy from an out of area retailer?
5. What was the highest deficiency on your last two state surveys? And may I please see those surveys? (Surveys are required to be posted in the facility and available upon request)
6. How many, if any, complaint surveys from the state did you have in the last year and can I see those? (Complaint surveys are required to also be posted in the facility and available upon request)
7. Do you do monthly continuous education for your staff, and may I please see that education history?
8. Do you have alert residents currently living here that would possibly be willing to visit with me?
9. How often do you take vitals, do weights, and may I request my loved one’s chart at anytime?
10. (Assisted Living) If my loved one declines mentally, re: Alzheimer’s or dementia do you have secured doors and a state “C” license so we won’t be forced to relocate them from familiar surroundings later?
Placing a loved one is a difficult choice. When looking to place a loved one please ask good questions, to ensure they are being placed in an environment that has a proven track record of good care. These questions are not violations of privacy, and are often located on state websites.